International Transport

The fastest way to transport your goods internationally is still by road. With our young fleet that is equipped for conditioned transport and a team of well-trained and experienced drivers, we provide daily groupage transport from the auctions in the Netherlands for many customers to Scandinavia.

At Oldenburger Transport B.V. you can be sure that your products are transported by road with the most modern equipment, equipped with economical, environmentally friendly and efficient engines. All our trucks are equipped with all conceivable techniques for optimal transport. The transport conditions can be monitored continuously and in real-time via our fleet management system. Our drivers also use a modern app to complete their journeys, so that we are continuously informed of the status of your transport orders.

To remain as flexible as possible, many of our trailers are equipped with roller conveyor systems for air freight plates. You can also contact us for your return air freight to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Groupage Transport

Do you need transport for a small shipment? We have the best solution! With our groupage transport, smaller shipments are collected and then combined in one or more trucks. These trucks go in the same direction when it comes to the final destination. This allows you to efficiently get your shipment to the desired location. Do you only have 1 cart for a specific address? No problem! Thanks to our fixed line to Norway, Denmark and Sweden no shipment is too small for us.

In addition, groupage loads with different temperature requirements are no problem at all. A large part of our trailers are 2-temp trailers. We can divide these trailers into two different temperature zones. Furthermore, all our trailers and trailers are equipped with a tail lift. Our reliable refrigeration installations ensure that the temperature of your products is optimally maintained all the way to your customer. To provide you with maximum security, the drivers check the temperature at several points during the journey. The temperature is also registered by our cooling engines so that it can be followed live.

eCMR on international transport

When transporting every international shipment, it is mandatory to write a CMR. This is a sheet with the loading and unloading address and the goods that are being transported. As a group transporter, we have to deal with many shipments and therefore automatically a lot of paperwork. As an organization we strive to digitize this as much as possible. That is why Oldenburger Transport is committed to the electronic consignment note, better known as eCMR. Our drivers complete the eCMRs with a modern app. In addition, our driver can have these papers signed completely electronically by the customer, fill in return packaging, take photos, post comments, etc.

The eCMR is therefore a fully electric variant of the paper CMR. This offers countless advantages for all parties in the logistics chain: we as a carrier need less time to process our transport orders, and you as a customer have a Proof of Delivery within an unforeseeable time.

Logistics issue

Oldenburger Transport likes to think along with you when it comes to all your logistics issues. Together we will look for what suits your organization best! We are customer-oriented and proactively think along with you. Quality comes first and an appointment is an appointment for us. Would you like to know more about road transport? Contact us! We are happy to help you.

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