In addition to offering you a complete solution in the field of transport, we also have value-added services. Together we will bring your logistics issue to a successful conclusion: This allows you to mainly focus on what you are good at! Read more about the specific services we offer:

International Transport

The fastest way to transport your fresh goods is still by road. With our young fleet that is equipped for conditioned transport and a team of well-trained and experienced drivers, we provide daily groupage transport from the auctions in the Netherlands for many customers to and from Scandinavia. Read more about it!


Thanks to a nationwide distribution network in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, we can offer a logistics solution for almost every destination in these four countries. Some CC carts for a Norwegian village above the Arctic Circle? No problem! Read more about it!


Oldenburger Transport is your partner for the (temporary) storage of your stock before it will be distributed. We have a warehouse in Sweden (Helsingborg) and Norway (Larvik). In addition, we have a space over 2000 m2, of which 300 m2 is cooled. We also have 12 loading docks. Read more about it!

Complementary services

Oldenburger transport manages several packaging flows. Do you want to outsource your packaging management and focus on what you are good at? Read more about it!

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