Our warehouses are an important part of the logistics chain provided by Oldenburger Transport. These locations ensure that your goods reach their final destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. The locations of the warehouses within our network allow us to offer our customers a large number of options in terms of destinations.

Storage goods

Are you looking for a location for your stock for storage and cross-docking? Oldenburger has warehouses in Sweden (Helsingborg) and Norway (Larvik). Our main location is in the FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer, which means we are located in the center of the flower industry. This allows us to serve customers within the flower auction efficiently and quickly; we have the option to collect the flowers ourselves from within the auction building, and it is also possible for customers to deliver the flowers to us in the hall day and night. In our business space in Aalsmeer, where our head office is also located, we have 2000 m2 warehouse, 300 m2 of which is refrigerated. We also have 12 docks at our disposal.

Warehousing for storage

In our storage and transhipment center goods are collected, shipments sorted, orders completed, routes planned and trucks loaded. In addition, we can temporarily store shipments for transport at a later date. We store your products quickly and carefully. We also always find the best solution for goods with different sizes.

Opslag en crossdocking

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