Additional services

To make your logistics process of (refrigerated) transport run as efficiently as possible, we can take the packaging management off your hands. This allows you to fully focus on your own company and therefore do what you are good at. Oldenburger Transport manages several packaging flows. Taking this off your hands is one of our additional services.

Packaging as an additional service

CC carts are of course also involved in the transport of flowers and plants. These roll containers play an indispensable role in the efficient transport of your bouquets, house plants and other products.

Packaging administration

A balanced packaging administration is crucial. We can provide you with excellent assistance in designing the packaging flow as efficiently as possible. Our passionate and experienced packaging team attaches great importance to transparency and communication and has access to an extensive packaging software package. Oldenburger Transport can give you access to an online portal where you can view your packaging transactions and balance with us. Our packaging software is filled with the information that the driver enters on the digital eCMR during unloading. This also means that we no longer have to wait until the time when any papers are returned. In this way we are always aware of packaging transactions in real time and we can act quickly. Do you work with flower containers such as buckets and boxes? We can also take these flows completely off your hands.

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Other services

International transport

With our young fleet and experienced drivers, we provide daily groupage transport.

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Distribution for every destination

A logistics solution for every destination in Denmark, Sweden and Norway!

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Opslag en crossdocking

Oldenburger transport biedt mogelijkheden voor opslag in  Zweden en Noorwegen.

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